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Our company is OnPro Digital, LLC and we have created our own e-Commerce framework called eComTools and a personalization software solution called Custom Impression (). This tool is available for businesses and printers to sell their personalized products online. This is the most robust wizard available online and our customers love it.

You can see a 5 minute overview of our software solution on youtube.com by clicking the link above.

OnPro has been in operation since 1995 and we continue to grow significantly every year. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please feel encouraged to drop us a note and let us know your thoughts and/or ideas.


OnPro Digital, LLC
17520 45th Ave N
Suite 1000
Minneapolis, MN 55446


Press release of 2015 launch

General points about the software
  • 100% browser-based. No plugins required (no Java applets, no Silverlight, no Flash, no PDFs, etc.).
  • Works in every major browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, etc.).
  • Has both a setup configurator for product administrators and a rendering engine for end-user. Both of these tools use the same code base to ensure products are rendered identical to the way they're configured.
  • The configurator can do in a few minutes what it would take a developer days to code (see pic of configurator). If companies have thousands of products, this can make an extremely large cost saver.
  • Very few programmers know how to render previews instantly just using browser code (no plugins).
  • The rendering process is optimized using advanced 2D & 3D HTML graphics, Javascript, and extensive math function including geometric, algebraic, and trigonometric utilities (all custom written for this application).
  • The code can be seen by developers but is not human readable in any way. There are over 1000 encryption routines that mangle the code before it gets deployed to production servers, and it’s further obfuscated to remove code comments (see pic of code sample). This is very important so any company that may license the software will get an unreadable version...so they cannot copy it nor reverse engineer it.
User-Experience is greatly enhanced via the rendering engine
  • The end-user experience provides an instant & updated preview with every key stroke. This is all processed within the browser and no server communications take place (to make it update very fast).
  • Users have the ability to zoom significantly in or out (from 10% to 1000%)
  • An optional final image is rendered with a watermark that a user must check as “approved” prior to finalizing and saving to a shopping basket.
Product configurator streamlines product setup
  • Custom fonts can be used
  • A rich text editor is part of the configurator which handles form field drop-ins and font configuration (type, size, color, etc.).
  • Text can be embossed to any depth
  • Text/images can be given configurable shadows (size, darkness, color, etc.)
  • Text can be given an unlimited list of outlines and outline sizes & colors (also known as strokes)
  • Text opacity (transparency) can be set
  • Text can be configured as an arc with any curvature (plus or minus values)
  • Max number of text lines and line spacing can be configured.
  • Any rotation value can be assigned
  • Skew values can be set horizontally or vertically
  • Horizontal alignments can be set left, center, right, or block positioning
  • Vertical alignments can be set for top, middle, or bottom
  • Zone alignment can be set to render text in any desired shape.
  • Text can be configured to shrink-to-fit with a minimum fonts size specified.
  • Position can be set for any X,Y value.
  • Dimensions can be set for any width & height values
  • Text can be set as superscript or subscript
  • 3D rendering can be set to emulate any perspective
  • The configurator has drag n drop features for moving, rotating, skewing, and resizing.
  • Business rules can drive what appears when and under what conditions
  • Image uploads only take a couple seconds or less regardless of image size

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